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1400 x 635 x 500 MM | (55" X 25" X 20" INCHES), 1625 x 685 x 500 MM | (64" X 27" X 20" INCHES)


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5 Years Warranty

Free Home Delivery

Installation Available

Product Comes in Wooden Box

  • Bath Tub
  • Front Panel
  • Side Panel
  • Stainless steel body frame
  • Jacuzzi system with Six Hydrojets, Two spinal jets, on/off switch, pressure regulator & Jacuzzi Pump 1.5 HP
  • Bubble Bath with Twelve Air jets, on/off switch & Bubble Blower 1 HP
  • Fully computerized control panel
  • Water level sensor
  • Ozone sterilization system
  • Stereo phonic radio
  • Automatic shut down safety protection against high current leakage
  • Online water heater 2 KW
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker /li>
  • Bath Tub filler set with Hand shower
  • Underwater light Multicolour LED
  • Pop-up waste rotary knob
  • Water level controller
  • Sleek Headrest Pillow
  • Suction unit
  • Self draining pipes
  • Water shortage protection /li>
  • Hot & cold mixer
  • Water filler
  • Drain Pipe

DALIA BATHTUB (1400 X 635 X 500 mm / 1625 x 685 x 500 mm)

Fully Loaded Premium Economic Basic Model
Front Panel
Side Panel
Stainless Steel Body Frame
Jacuzzi System with Six Hydrojets
Jacuzzi On / Off Switch
Jacuzzi Pressure Regulator
Jacuzzi Pump 1.5 HP
Bubble Bath with 12 Air jets
Bubble Bath On/Off Switch
Bubble Blower 1 HP
Fully Computerized Control Panel
Pneumatic Control Panel
Water Level Senser
Ozone Sterilization System
Stereo Phonic Radio
Automatic Shut Down Safety Protection Against High Current Leakage
On-line Water Heater 2 KW
Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
Bathtub Filler Set With Hand Shower
Underwater Light Multicolour LED
Pop-up Waste Rotary Knob
Water Level Controller
Sleek Headrest Pillow
Suction Unit
Self Draining Pipes
Water Shortage Protection
Hot & Cold Mixer
Water Filler
Drain Pipe

1)May I know about your company ?

We are 23 years old in this industry. We have our manufacturing plant in New Delhi.

2)Is this product Imported or Indian ?

We have our owned manufacturing plant in New Delhi. This product is made in India.

3)Do you deliver anywhere in India and is delivery free ?

Yes. We deliver all over India and delivery is free. If you belong from north east india, then please call once at 9818819898 before placing your order.

4)What if product comes in damaged condition ?

These types of cases are very very rare in our company. Our product comes in a totally sealed wooden Box. Company is totally responsible for damaged product. You Will receive free replacement without any cost.

5)Do you also provide installation for the product and is it free ?

Yes. We provide Installation but Only for Premium, Fully Loaded variants. Steam Rooms and Steam Generators and it is chargeable for Rs. Three Thousand. We do not provide Installation for Base and Economic Bathtub variants.

6)Do you have any warranty for the product ?

Yes. We provide 5 years warranty for our products.

7)How would I know about the plumbing and electrical work to be done in my bathroom ?

Every bathtub has a different plumbing and electrical points. As soon as you place your order our team will contact you and will provide a technical drawing for plumbing and electrical as per your bathroom layout.

8)How will you provide after sales support ?

We have service centers across India. Anywhere in India, After sales support will be provided within 72 hours.

9)Can I call and discuss about my requirement ?

Of course. You can call or whatsapp us at 9818819898. Total guidance and information would be provided about your query.

10)Can I see these products anywhere ?

Yes. We have display centers in New Delhi and Gurgaon.

11)Can I customize the features in bathtub as per my requirements ?

Yes. Customization is available.

12)Can I customize the dimensions of bathtub ?

Yes. To some extent only. For that please call at 9818819898 and discuss.

13)How many colours are available ?

Two colours are available : White and Ivory. If you need any special colour, please call us at 9818819898.

14)How many days it takes to deliver ?

Generally we dispatch the material from New Delhi within 2 days. After that, it depends upon the location. You can say 5-7 days is the normal delivery time.

15)My bathroom is already made. Can I install bathtub without any breakage ?

Yes. Our bathtub can be installed within 30 minutes. And you don’t need to do any type of breakage or civil work in your bathroom.

16)I don’t know which model to select for my bathroom. Can you please help ?

Yes, of course. You just measure the length and width ( in mm ) available in your bathroom for bathtub and whatsapp at 9818819898. After that we will suggest you the best models for you.

17)Is COD available ?

Sorry. In these types of products no company provides COD. Because it’s very big in size and expensive too.

18)My flat is on 10th floor. Will delivery be made till my flat ?

Delivery would be made till ground floor of the building. After that, you will have to arrange your man power.


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Beautifully Crafted Features

  • Due to its incredible durability, acrylic can be used over a broad temperature range and has superior weather resistance.
  • Our Jacuzzi Pumps and Bubble Blower enjoy excellent reputation and are Very easy to maintain.
  • The major advantages of 304 Stainless steel include its high corrosion resistance allowing it to be used in rigorous environments.
  • Anti Slippery Base creates positive traction to reduce the possibilities of falling or slipping.

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